Shipping Class for this product: {Print-On-Demand}

In order to provide full disclosure of shipping times of our products, we provide our valued customers with calculated average shipping times. Calculated shipping time, possible wait time to receive a tracking number, and other information in regard to shipping of this product with a shipping class of {Print-On-Demand} follow: 
+ Calculated average number of days warehouse processing time:
+ Calculated average range number of days for delivery:
{5} - {8}
+ Calculated average number of days before tracking number availability:
 + Product customizable/personalizable: 
+ Product available as a rush order: 
+ Product covered under Return Policy: *Some products not eligible for return. See our Return Policy.
For general information in regard to our shipping class see below:
Delivery is guaranteed on ALL shipping classes. 
Shipping Classes:
  • In-Stock - Always 'on our shelves'.
  • Print-On-Demand - Customizable products where printing is initiated upon order.
  • Coordinated - Product could be in-stock, but in some cases is not in-stock but is available for guaranteed delivery by third-party vendors or suppliers. (*Sometimes called 'drop-ship suppliers').
In-Stock items that ship from our Bismarck, ND warehouse typically ship in 1 to 2 business days.
Customizable In-Stock products that ship from Bismarck, ND ship in 3 to 4 business days. 
Print-On-Demand products shipping from our Fulfillment Center in Sioux Falls, SD typically ship in 5 to 6 business days. 
Products that ship as Coordinated are offered at much better prices to our customers; however, there is a 'trade-off' as these products typically require longer shipping times. Shipping times on products with coordinated shipping vary greatly, anywhere from an average of 12 to 15 days up to 20+ days delivery time. 
We do everything we can to keep our prices as affordable as possible. Although the majority of our processing is automated which cuts down on our cost, some things just require human hands which usually means longer shipping times. We research thoroughly and grade our vendors and suppliers and do business with only the most reputable vendors and suppliers. They must meet or exceed not only our quality levels but must also meet our quality-control guidelines for contracted third-party vendors/suppliers.
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