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Inspirational Posts
The Inspiration Store

Inspirational PostsTHE INSEPTION  

The Inspiration Store LLC was born from a collective desire to encourage everyone to have the courage and do those things in life that make them feel vibrant, be happy, and live healthily.  

The Inspiration Store is a derivative of Host Ventures, Inc. Host Ventures, Inc. was founded by Patricia Schatz-Medicina, Leon Schatz-M, and Sra. Maria Medicina-Sanchez. It had locations in Las Vegas, NV USA; Guadalajara, Jal Mex; and Bismarck, ND USA. and operated from 2001 to 2012. The corporation's principal shares merged in 2012 with its remaining residual royalties and assets traded in 2014. The company reopened in 2016 as The Inspiration Store LLC by Leon Schatz-M and a small group of investors. 

Corporate venture integrative proposals and distributive propositions were 'brought to the table' in 2014 and were achieved as The Inspiration Store in mid-2016. The company's Investor's Compact was finalized and promulgated in mid-2016 as The Inspiration Store LLC. The Inspiration Store LLC's main office is located in downtown Bismarck, ND. It operates a small warehouse in Bismarck, ND USA; a small Production Center in Las Vegas, NV USA; a large contracted Production Center in Sioux Falls, SD USA; and a small contracted Production Center in Houston, TX USA.  

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Leon Vinyasa 1
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Inspirational PostsTHE STORE 

The focus of any company is commerce; however, the vision of the Inspiration Store is commerce focused in alignment with Yogic principals and attentiveness to those it serves

Inspirational PostsSIMPLE NOT EASY  

“Yoga is union of the individual self with the universal self", and that "If we can calm our minds we can discover our true selves and experience this union”; (Shri K. Pattabhi Jois) (the founder of Ashtanga Yoga) he said that "Yoga is for everyone, not just the strong and the flexible, when Yoga is understood and used correctly it can help anyone change their life”. Jokingly Leon said that “I haven’t obtained enlightenment through Yoga, but I have caught a glimpse it in my Yoga journey. 


Yoga is above all experiential. It is your own experience that will always be our truest and best teacher.  

As Pattabhi Jois was fond of saying “99% practice, 1% theory. Do your practice. All is coming! 

Come and take an inspirational journey, shop the Inspiration Store. If you don't find what you are looking for, contact us. We're always willing, (and inspired) to help you find what you are looking for. 


The Inspiration Store


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  • I was searching for the perfect gift for my and decided to buy a gift card from the Inspiration Store and let him design a shirt for himself.

    The yoga shirt he made is just beautiful! What a great idea make-it-yourself shirts and other designable yoga accessories.

    Bobi S.

    • Bobi Sanchez-S
  • What a great store. My husband and I are Yoga (Ashtanga) devotees and we just love the stylish Ashtanga t-shirts we found on this store.
    Way to go Inspiration Store. Keep up the good work.

    • Jane Austin